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Our Work

The Beginning with Children Legacy Network is a free multi-year academic program for middle, high school and college students who live and attend school in Brooklyn.  Our advisors help students excel in high school and get into and thrive in college.  100% of our participating students graduate from high school on time, and over 90% attend a postsecondary program at colleges like Barnard College, Brooklyn College, New York University, Vanderbilt University, SUNY at Albany, and SUNY at Stonybrook.

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Our Program

Legacy Leaders Summer Internship Program

The Beginning with Children Legacy Network, our high school and college success program, seeks to bridge the opportunity gap that students from under-resourced communities often face by offering additional services to support their transition as they become successful college students and young professionals.

As part of the Legacy Network’s career exploration component, students are able to participate in the Legacy Leaders Summer Internship Program (LLSIP) – a four-month long internship program that provides both professional coaching and development and a six-week paid internship to help each student explore their professional goals and interests. Our high school and college students have opportunities to visit companies in different industries and participate in paid job readiness training and internships.  Our interns work with elected officials, hospitals, theaters, community-based organizations, local schools and summer camps.

It’s great that the Legacy network offers programs like this because they are paid and they help you construct resumes and cover letters and build your professional skills.

Academic Support

The Legacy Network offers free services to help students improve study habits, academic performance, and overall confidence. This includes:

  • Professional tutoring in all subjects ​
  • Regents, SHSAT, and SAT Prep​
  • Writing and math courses​

College Access

The Legacy Network supports students through each step of the college application process, whether exploring college options, writing application essays, or finding ways to pay for college. This includes:

  • College tours (local and out of state)
  • College preparation workshops
  • Financial aid workshops for students and parents (including assistance in completing FAFSA)
  • One-on-one college advising

Career Exploration and Internship Program

The Legacy Network provides opportunities for students to gain insight into a variety of industries and career paths. This includes:

  • Legacy Leaders Summer Internship Program (link to Legacy Leaders Summer Internship section below)​
  • On-site workshops with corporate partners ​
  • Career panels ​

Leadership and Personal Development

The Legacy Network challenges students to develop self-knowledge, socio-cultural awareness, and a civic mindset. This includes:

  • Personal development workshops​
  • Mentorship
  • Community service​
  • Field trips

High School Admissions Support

The Legacy Network helps middle school students and families research and apply to high schools. Over 90% of our students go on to high schools with a higher than 75% graduation rate, such as The Brooklyn Latin School, Bedford Academy, Benjamin Banneker Academy, and Williamsburg Charter School.  

Our services include:

  • SHSAT and High School admissions test prep​
  • Support throughout high school admissions process including exposure to parochial, independent, charter, and district high school application processes ​
  • Information and support sessions for students and parents​
  • Tutoring

College Success

Legacy Network advisors provide individualized support to students once they get into and attend college. This ensures that our students receive the social, emotional, and career-readiness guidance necessary to successfully complete college and pursue a career. This includes:

  • Regular check-ins via phone, text, and email​
  • Reminders about key upcoming benchmarks (midterms, finals, filing FAFSA, dropping classes, etc.)​
  • Tips and suggestions for finding resources and navigating campus​