Our Team


Nancy Lewson Kurz

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Kolz

Chief Schools Officer

Esosa Ogbahon


Geraldeen Licurse

Chief Financial Officer

Jennella Young

Chief Program Officer

Tamara Tucker

Chief Development Officer

Keisha Rattray

Managing Director of Teaching and Learning


Pascale Artamin

Senior Director of Operations and Compliance

Andrea Hill

Director of Grants and Research

Sonia Ortiz-Gulardo

Director of Parent Engagement and Community Outreach


Brian Stemmer

Director of Finance

Wendy Silva

Human Resources Manager


Tariq Dorville

Purchasing Associate


Sasha Miller

Assistant Director of High School and College Success


Daisy Guzmán

Program Manager


Bria Baptiste

Data and Program Coordinator

Renato Muguercia

Technology Support Specialist


DeAllen Oakley

Facilities Manager


Nancy Lewson Kurz
Board Chair and CEO
Beginning with Children

Michelle Brooks
Senior Director, Treasurer

Chris Gaulin
HealthCor Management, L.P.
Portfolio Manager

Deborah Goldfarb
Managing Director
Barclays Capital

Mychal Harrison
Managing Director
Huron Consulting Group


Eric Hoffman
Managing Director
Centerbridge Partners, L.P.

Kofi N. Kankam
Co-Founder and CEO

Marshall King
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Carol F. Reich, Ph.D (1935-2019)
Beginning with Children

Joseph H. Reich
Emeritus Board Member, Co-Founder
Beginning with Children

Founders Joe and Carol Reich

The principles we were building our school on, presented something potentially huge in education reform. These principles-parental choice, freedom to operate in a manner consistent with the needs of specific children, parent involvement, longer school days and a longer school year, merit compensation for teachers-could be a game changer for children of poverty. It was the growing sense of this possibility that re-energized us and gave us the strength to push on, for as long as necessary.

We both shared a common and basic belief: families of means can afford to send their children to private schools or relocate to an affluent neighborhood where public schools have greater resources. The poor cannot. We recoiled against this injustice. We made it our own struggle.

Joe and Carol Reich