Our Success

Since 2002, the Beginning with Children Legacy Network has supported over 1,500 students in their journey from middle school to and through college. Originally created to support graduates of the Beginning with Children Network continue on their academic journey, the program has expanded over the past 15+ years to become a hallmark in the community, providing college access services to any student who is interested. The Legacy Network regularly boasts a 98%+ high school graduation rate, with over 90% of our graduates enrolling in a postsecondary program. We continue to provide services and supports to our students in post-graduate programs, to promote college persistence and ultimately, graduation!

of students graduate from high school​
0 %
enroll in college​
0 %
persisted in first two years of college ​
0 %

Student Spotlight

Caleb Massimi

Caleb Massimi, a freshman at University at Buffalo, interned in the office of City Council Member, Antonio Reynoso as part of our Legacy Leaders Summer Internship Program. 

My internship helped me further develop my problem-solving skills; many times I was faced with an issue that I needed to solve independently. This taught me the importance of critical thinking and thinking outside of the box. Additionally, I improved my communication skills. I learned how to effectively convey my message clearly and concisely. This is a skill that will last me a lifetime.​​


We’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a $1 million gift from the Yield Giving Open Call!