BwC Schools Closed Due to COVID-19

March 15, 2020


Dear families,

Following new guidance from the Department of Education and New York State, we are writing to let you know that we are closing our schools, effective immediately, due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19.

Your school leaders and teachers will be in touch with you regarding instructional plans for your students over the coming days. Additionally, our teachers and staff will be convening remotely on Monday and Tuesday to plan for longer term remote learning.

Please see the below table for information on how to contact your school staff and leadership teams directly.

Thank you for joining us in our continued efforts to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Beginning with Children Charter School 2 How to reach us

Lower School

Main Office Phone: 718-302-7700


– Mr. Ferrara –
– Mrs. Ferrara –
– Mr. Copeland –

Middle School

Main Office Phone: 718-599-2924

– Mr. Santiago – | 718-637-3667
– Ms. Cummings –
– Ms. Louisma –
– Ms. Cusirramos –
Community Partnership Charter School How to reach us

Lower School

Main Office Phone:  718-399-3824

– Class Dojo (for your student’s teacher)
– Ms. Diana Lopez – (for general school info)
– Ms. Brigid Gala –
– Mr. Derrick Dunlap –

Middle School:

Main Office Phone: 718-636-3904

– Ms. Tsimprea – | 718-637-4163
– Ms. Alex –
– Mr. Joel –
– Mr. Bailey –