9th Grade Class

Fall 2021


The first 9th grade class at Beginning with Children will embark on their high school journey and explore NYC through a collection of foundational academic learning experiences in core disciplines. These freshman will establish a structure for a competitive professional portfolio, complete their first rigorous team research project and exhibition presentations, and explore enrichment activities that help cultivate new interests and passions.

BwC High School

11 Bartlett Street Brooklyn, NY 11206

Community Partnership Charter School

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Community Partnership Charter School (CPCS), serving grades Pre-K through 8, is a supportive community that nurtures the talent of the future leaders of tomorrow. Our rigorous academic program teaches students to creatively solve complex problems and explore and develop their own special talents through learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom. Our graduates are well-rounded, engaged students who recognize the importance of perseverance, collaboration and teamwork. We are a school whose intent is to create a learning environment that will give our students the tools that they need to reach their goals and have successful, rich lives. We firmly believe that our core values, Respect, Excellence, Attentiveness, Critical Thinking, and Heart (R.E.A.C.H.) help us to create a school culture that builds strong character and promotes fairness and equality.

We hope that all members of our community apply these values, not only their school lives, but also to their lives outside of school. We respect that living by these values is an ongoing challenge, and we pledge to support one another to meet these high standards.


BwC, with local parents in Fort Greene, launched CPCS in 2000.

CPCS consisted of grades K-5 from 2000 until 2010 and then in 2010 expanded to include grades 6-8. We graduated our first group of 8th graders in 2013. Today CPCS co-locates in 2 buildings. Grades Pre-K through 4 are housed in P.S. 270 and grades 5 through 8 are in P.S. 256.


241 Emerson Place Brooklyn, NY 11216*

*For maps, use 400 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216


114 Kosciusko Street Brooklyn, NY  11216

BwC's Impact

BwC Network Schools backfill in every grade

BwC Network Schools outperform our City, State and District peers on New York State Exams

100% of our students take Art, Music, Dance/Movement, or Theater Arts twice a week

BwC students participate in more than 200 field trips and out-of-the-classroom learning experiences every year!

All of our students have access to daily, free afterschool programming, including courses such as culinary arts, yoga, homework help, robotics, double-dutch and chess.

100% of our students have access to the BwC Legacy Network that provides free services and resources to support high school, college, and academic success, and career exploration and preparation

100% of our 2019 Legacy Network cohort graduated from high school on time and enrolled in college



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